Wednesday, May 20, 2009

ring lust

So I've never really been a big jewelry person. I have a lot that my grandmother has given me but I don't always like to wear it because I'm paranoid it will fall off or will hurt me while I'm writing or just generally distract me. I feel like most of the time these are bad excuses and I would look that much better if I wore a cuff or necklace once in a while. So whilst I was clicking through net-a-porter I found this beauty, and could not help but admire it. It's completely exquisite and would look even better on my finger.

gorgeous, no? bijoux heart, $200


Lenaa said...

Good luck writing with these rocks on your finger, hahah :D
But, the're pretty

(and pricy xD, WOW, didn't see that pricetag right away:P)


Chloe said...

Those are beautiful rings!

So gorgeous

Christine said...

Ooh, wow so many! But in the Nordstrom I'm applying to only 10 girls make the final cut this year. It used to be six x_x;

&Those rings are beyond gorgeous!

Ania said...

ooo I love jewellery so much, I literally drool over it.
especially the ott cocktail rings that are so heavy you have trouble raising your hand ;)
but beware of net-a-porter! it's the devil. last time I bought the matthew williamson pendant, because I felt I just had to have it, it was so beautiful. needless to say it was 'slightly' over my student budget...