Saturday, May 2, 2009

my alter ego

I'm a little neurotic I know. It's nothing new to me, and I have begun to embrace it. So I will start of by saying I feel like the television show I wish that my life modeled is Gossip Girl. And in the television show that is my life I would be Blair Waldorf. The biggest queen bee of the city. As if that wasn't perfect enough she is dating the insatiable Nate Archibald. Behold the most perfect moment in Emily Rose viewing history:

I love them. And maybe it's a little neurotic to expect a moment like this of my own in central park next year? A girl can dream.

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Sol said...

Blair's awesome, it's kinda weird that she got back with Nate, but she seems like she's changing, right? God, i've gotta stop watching so much tv!