Monday, May 25, 2009

lace, curls, and creme

So my senior ball was on Saturday. While the idea of the whole thing is so distinctly American and also probably an idea thought up by hundreds of vanity-based industries, I still went (in a limo no less) because it's part of the experience.

The inspiration was, not surprisingly, Blair Waldorf. And, just like the last picture, the evening was cute but awkward. oh well.


jessica said...

you look soooo cute :]
i love your pumps .
yeah prom is probably going to be the most awkward event of my life .
i don't understand how it can't be ?
i think it is for everyone .

macyaverage said...

you look gorgeous. The dress is so cute and it really suits you!

withasianstereotypes said...

Aw I really love this pretty baby. You look amazing and I love the dress with those shoes (the color is amazing) I wish I could pull off such a dress :( haha.

KISS, China L.

the maisies said...

at least you looked ADORABLE!
school balls and formals and stuff are always awkward. always!

Alice said...

i think you channeled blair so well! aha, the lace and headband. you look so good!

and yeah, my prom was pretty awkward so no biggie.

Stefani said...

You look really pretty! Cute headband:)