Wednesday, May 13, 2009

If I had some money...

If I wasn't so broke and about to spend $50,000 on college I would buy this dress for prom. I know, the idea of prom is sort of awful. I like it but I don't. My date is cute but awkward. My prom group is getting randomer by the second. But that's not what prom is supposed to be about. It's like one perfect night where you feel like the most glamorous person in the room right? With our champagne in the limo, vintage lace dress, and platform heels I feel like that will be no problem.


jessica said...

that dress is so cute !
much better than the nasty tulle and satin beaded confections everyone else wears ..
eurgh, vomit .

KATIA said...

Aw this dress is adorable.
Your prom already sounds better than mine we'll be.