Sunday, July 5, 2009

summa summa summa time

Abercrombie shirt, UO shorts, Kenneth Cole Flats, Vintage chain

The past week has been crazy. It feels like my first week of summer because I had so much dance the past 3 weeks. I had a picnic in the park, night at the drive-ins, and made my own Wang knockoffs from some old sweatpants. My favorite thing about the summer is all the time you have, which I like to spend reading. I also enjoy all the summer foods like watermelon, popsicles, barbecue, and ice cream. Since this is my last summer in Sacramento I'm trying to make it as memorable as possible.

"We have art to save ourselves from the truth" -Friedrich Nietzsche


Stefani said...

Yeah, Gaga is great!
Oh so you're going to Parsons?! That's really cool:) What are u studying? and is it hard to get accepted to the course? sorry for all my questions hehe, but im really interesting in design to:)


Michael. said...


Stefani said...

Okey, that seems interesting. And I can imagine it's going to be some pretty tough years... But If you made it through, the job opportunity is definitley bigger if u have an education. The fashion industry isn't exactley the easiest one to succeed in...unfortunately. I wish you good luck! And I hope you survive those four years! But if you have the passion for it, it's probably going to be a little easier, hopefully:)