Thursday, July 30, 2009

The quiet things that no one ever knows

thrifted shirt, blazer, and levi's

It's been a slow week. Been staying home, reading blogs, and failing to motivate myself. I've also been wiki-ing some of my favorite icons, only to realize that both Olivia Palermo and Julia Restoin-Roitfeld both attended The New School. Looks like I'll be in great company this fall.

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Alice said...

thank you for your comment! yes, AA makes such comfortable basics but they're so pricey! honestly, what crazy prices...

as for the room, yup, my aunt and uncle's new apartment really has a lot of different lighting everywhere which helps a lot!

i'm so jealous of people like you who can pull off a graphic tee with high-waisted levi's without looking like you have a front bum. seriously, it's a great look.

p.s. you're going to parsons this fall!? WOW, super jealous. i'm also in fashion (but i live in toronto, so new york's out of the question, what with the tuition and living cost and all.. but hopefully i'll live in new york afterwards!).