Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fancy footwear

I've wanted that last pair of cage booties by YSL for about a year now. Sometimes I imagine the outfits I would wear them with, if they weren't 1000+ dollars. No matter though because they will be mine someday. As for the other 4 pairs they are my recent shoe lust thanks to jak&jil. Who doesn't want heels upheld by Dior godesses?


jessica said...

want .
them .
all .

Stefani said...

The Dior ones are my favorite:) The heel is so amazing! And the YSL ones is like a piece of art, loves it!

STEFANIE said...

I know, Jak & Jil makes me want to have SO many shoes! :) I love the Pierre Hardy booties!
Nice blog by the way, loving your header!

Kristin said...

I LOVE with the first pair!