Tuesday, April 19, 2011


h&m blazer, j. crew shirt, vintage levi's, Madewell boots, gifted bag

I saw this tagged on a metal door thing and knew I had to take my picture in front of it. Not that I think I look particularly fancy, but I just kind of love things with arrows and statements directed at me. These tights are from my old ballet days and I was kind of getting sick of black tights to be honest, as well as grey skies and endless bouts of rain and wetness. If modern saying holds true we will have a LOT of may flowers around here. Anyway, there were quite of bit of random men who commented to ask if I was a dancer to which I replied with a smile "in a former life."

ph Greta Eagan


3ate4 said...

Really like the blazer, perfect for this time of year.

guns, babes and lemonade said...

Hahaha yeah the grafitti tag makes these snaps! Awesome outift! That bag is magic! Vintage?