Friday, April 8, 2011

cheating mother nature

crop top cut from UO dress, American Apparel Shorts

When you don't have a photographer, photograph yourself. The best part of using photobooth is I never have to leave my apartment. Which also means I can pretend it is summer outside! For those of you not in NY it should be noted that it is 56 degrees and cloudy. Thanks a lot, mother nature. Anyway I rolled out of bed a little bit ago to have no particular desire to do any of the things I'm meant to do today. Cover letters, resumes, science problem set, merchandising math, stats quiz, does this sound fun to anyone? No. But getting dressed up in a seasonally inappropriate outfit and taking lots of pictures of yourself does.


calla said...

ummm yeah, i use photobooth ALL the time just bc i fell STUPID getting photographed!

can't go wrong w black... you look great, girl!


JoeyAna said...

super into crop tops!