Thursday, March 17, 2011

get a life

H&M ring, j. crew and vintage bracelets

After a full day of classes I needed some time to sit still, naturally while posed in front of my crappy Mac photobooth camera. I picked up this shirt at Goodwill outlet, a literal bargain bin, for $1.69 a pound (yep they sell clothes by the pound). It's got the perfect amount of runs and stains if you're into that sort of thing, which I always am after 4 classes and a round trip on the F train.

Do you ever sit at home and wish people could view you in your natural state? Sometimes I feel like my at home wardrobe is just as great as the one I show off to the outside world but no one will ever know. oh well.


Gaby said...

Love the ring and the shirt in the backgroundd! And I agree with you sometimes I buy cute pjs that no one ever sees. But there's other times when I just throw on a big tshirt and thats it.
- Gaby

michelle said...

lovin' your blog, now following. hope u do too! :)
i used webcam mostly, wat camera do u use?

The Dress Up Corner

Jerrica said...

I hate the way I look in my photo booth pictures. You would think on a MACbook Pro they'ed look a lot better.

I agree sometimes I am really diggin my at home wardrobe but guess that's what our blogs can come in.