Monday, March 21, 2011

all black everything

When I wake up to the sound of rain and the ancient heater in my apartment isn't working I look at pictures of Freja Beha for inspiration. One part dark and depressing and one part fashion, just about all I can manage on a day like today.



Vision of a Dreamer said...

Like all black outfits!
Freja is so awesome!

Kisses from

amalie said...

love her! she's stunning x

Jerrica said...

haha I like you r blog title. Love these inspiration pictures of Freja. Sorry to hear about your ancient heater. Hope your inspiration clothing helped you in the wet weather.


Diogo Sc said...


I V Y said...

ohhh freja, what a stunner. she is perfect.

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Leather & Lace said...

and i loooovvveeee her!! and love that celine bag...they are perfect together..ha

Alex Matoshko said...

Ah,Freja - tough and edgy as usual. Respect the models who know how to bring on the COOL!