Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Nude nails

I found the ultimate nude nail color today at Ulta. I was just going to buy a pick-me-up coral for the horribly confusing week I've been having but ended up finding this color for 99 cents. It was a complete score for me. An hour later I painted my nails while waiting for my dance rehearsal to commence. This color looks really beautiful on too. I also bought some $12 shorts at f21, it was a pretty good trip. Tomorrow before dance: Salvation Army. I'm excited already.


Stefani said...

Nude feels fresh! It's a nice change sometimes because I always have bright nails:)

stephanie said...

ooooo gorgeous!!!!!

thank you for your comment, lady ;)

you got a great start to a blog goign here. i love the style.

Of course i'll add you to my blogroll!!